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My Amazon Wishlist [Sep. 2nd, 2008|10:08 pm]
Just thought I would post this to help whoever may have me for the gift exchange


End of Chapter 3 [Oct. 14th, 2006|03:29 am]
Update your bookmarks and whatnot, I'm back to Dland, and starting a new chapter.
Part 4: The Yamaneko-gumi
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Much Happenings [Sep. 10th, 2006|01:28 pm]
[Attire |Brack khakis, hawaiian shirt]
[Mood |Ready]
[MuzaQ |Gankutusou OST]

So here I am at yet another doorway. What lay ahead I'm not sure exactly, but the chi lines foretell of great things to come. Actually, I have a fairly good idea of what will happen... at least in the coming months. There's big news to tell, but I'm keeping things covert for another week.

Still working at JIC. It's weak, but it pays the bills. Looking for something else ASAP. The two places I'm looking at right now is TSTech here is C-bus and Whirlpool in Clyde. Yes, the Accursed Land, but hey, if I can take money out of that town, I'm all for it.

The Nekoheadz are going great, and I've sort of become the distributor for them on one of the drinks. I had heard of Bawls from the intraweb some time ago. The drink of choice for geeks. For all those late night LAN parties and programming binges. Well, it's an energy drink that doesn't taste like cough syrup. Actually it tastes quite a bit like 7-up. The big difference is that is has about a much caffeine as a 2 liter of mountain dew in a 10 oz bottle, and then some gaurana to top it off.

It's taken off far beyond anyone's expectations. I've had to bring constantly larger supplies on my trips back home. Last week I took up three cases, and it was gone in about two or three days. My next order is for five cases. I found a couple distributors for it in Toredo and Creverand. It's getting to the point where I may not have enough capital and space to get enough to satiate the ever growing thirst for Bawls at the Hero Zone. Madness I say, madness!

Working 11 hours a day, 5 sometimes 6 days a week. I come home, take a shower, maybe get some food and pass out after checking my email. This will all change soon. The checks are nice, but I'm sure I can make that money at another place and not have to kill myself with overtime. So I carry on for the time being, making my money, apparently being a godsend to that place.

Tonight is time to relax for once. I have two bottles of differing sake, a sixer of Kirin light, some Yellowtail merlot for J-e, and Joe has a bottle of "Vampire" merlot. I'm going to make some of my signature Szechuan Teryaki Chicken with some sticky rice. Good food, good drink and I can take some leftovers for lunch tomorrow. That'll be interesting to see what they think when I bust out some real asian cuisine and hashi. I think we may even bust out some Dead Leaves. I'm sure we'll end up watching an anime of some sort.

According to my horoscope things are to be quite good this week, especially Wednesday. "The biggest brick wall is no real obstacle today; give it a poke and it'll crumble." That's what I like to hear. Ph34r my l33t skillz!

Wednesday it's on!

Work, Famz, and My Sacrifice [Aug. 7th, 2006|05:17 pm]
[Attire |Khaki shorts, Orange T]
[Mood |Tired, but good]
[MuzaQ |Super Butter Dog]

Okay, so it's been a bit long since I updated... but I have good reason, I say!
So worked a day at Accel, lots and lots of Mexicans, hard work, 7 an hour. Worked two days at Huttig making doors and such. They loved me, but hired too many people and since I was the last to be hired, I was the first to go. It was a great reference though and I am always welcomed back should the opportunity arise.

I'm presently working at Jefferson Industrial Corp, or JIC. Basically I work for Honda. I weld all sorts of parts and it's been not too shabby for the most part. I started a couple Thursdays ago, so I've already gotten my first paycheck. It's hard work, but it beats food-service. So far, I've mostly been welding a hinge bracket for an '07 Accord. Don't know what model. Other things I have done are: weld the side sill for said Accord, which is where said hinge bracket goes, weld what I think is the A-pillar for a Civic, and weld the lower dash frame for the '06 Civic and Element. The latter is where they're saying I'm supposed to stay for a while.

There's a few problems with being on that particular line. It's been said that the average work week for that line is about 60 hours. Yay for money, but boo for hurting and no free time. They keep needing more of the hinge brackets so it's basically there and back day to day. My supervisor said that the hinge bracket is supposed to go to another company, but it's yet to happen, and I'm so awesome at making those I even weld the hex nuts to half the piece and take those to my little cell and weld the hinge bracket. And I still put out just over two days work for the next point in the chain. So yeah, I'd worked in 5 separate jobs in about a week's time.

There is a neat part about the job... besides the money. I get to command a squad or robots. Anywhere from 4 to 9 robots and my whim. They look like dragons, and they sort of breath fire, being welders and all. They aren't the FANUC like I played around with at Terra with Arren. They're called NACHIs. Oh, and also, there's Japanese people here and there and the president of the company is this tiny little guy named Hayashi. Hayashi-san is pretty cool, but he's got that Yakuza vibe, so it wouldn't surprise me. So, though I have to listen to a lot of people with southern drawls talking about trucks and whatnot, I also get to hear Nihongo. It just sucks that I'm not more fluent.

So basically I work for Honda with some rednecks and JPz, I get to control squads of dragon-looking robots, and I use lightning to fuse steel together. Not the greatest thing in the world, but when I put it that way, it at least sounds cool.

The Nekoheadz now have a forum up, which is the sw00tness. I would have went to see them this weekend, but my supervisor at work told me I was working Saturday... at 15:00 on Friday... and my standard day is 06:00 to 14:30. I was about livid. If they try that again, they're SOL. I have an eye appointment since my glasses broke and the only thing holding them together at the moment is a glob-o-epoxy. I needed new ones anyways. I tried to call to get my Rx, but it'd been so long since I had a checkup (read "4 years"), that they couldn't give it to me, despite the fact that my Rx hasn't changed much at all in the last 10 years. Ah well. New specs, some contacts so I can wear sunglasses again. Since I get off of work between 14:30 and 17:00, it would be helpful. Perhaps someday I can get that LASIK. I'm the ideal candidate for it. Very little change in Rx, mid 20's, healthy. I just need to get about 2K to blow. That'll have to wait until I take care of my close to 5K of already existing debt. From what I've read, that's actually very good for my age, the average being over 8K.

Ever since I've moved down here, chicks dig me. I don't know what it is. I haven't really done anything different, but after hearing me have conversations with numerous chicks, J-e says I'm a proverbial pimp. Eh, whatever works I guess. I don't really have time for a girlfriend at the moment, though soon I should have the money. Just means I can spend more on myself. Get me a new computer, car, and other fun stuff that I've been wanting for a while.

As soon as I got home from work last Saturday, I got a call from my brother Rob. He was visiting Otou-san's and said that I should come visit as well. I was really tired, and didn't really have the money for it, but 4 hours of driving to Elkhart, IN instead of about 12 to Omaha, NE... well let's say I had got to see my famz. Soonyul made me some kimchi to bring back and I got to play some golf with Otou-san and Rob. Rob and I are pretty much even, which isn't saying much, since we both weren't playing very well. Now, he can't use the excuse that I'm better or anything like that when I see him again.

I decided that I'll probably spend some time out in Omaha with the famz after I get some bills caught up here in Cbus. I don't want to be farther away from Okaa-san or the Nekoheadz, but I can make even more money there, get a car for stupid cheap and lose that weight with training and tasty good Kor food. Of course, I still need to stay in Dayton for a little bit for Kendo and Ninjutsu. I'll see if I can't work that in to this phase of things. Get a house right between Cbus and Dayton so I can have access to both, and be much closer to work. Getting up at 04:30 (03:30 today) is not something I like to do. But hey, Okaa-san did it for 47 years and she's the sw00tness, so it can't be all bad, ne?

I got AutoCAD the other day, so I've been doing a lot of work on design and art. The art, I'm so much better doing in AutoCAD and then importing to Illustrator to make vector art and such. Then Photoshop for that last little zing. Expect a lot of images coming soon Shogun. Ones that we can make into say vinyls and such to sell... Also AutoCAD is great for my designing of clothing and some new parts. I'm working on prototyping a new hybrid system that should revolutionize the car industry. If I can pull it off, I can support myself with residual income and help out my peoples... such as Okaa-san, J-e, the Nekoheadz. Yeah, this could be big.

Now just to find time for all of this... meh, I hate working like this. The sacrifice will be worth it in the end. I've gotten a good work ethic going now, getting "squared away."

As Rangar J would say "Hooah." Or for Crazy Dan rocking out in Okinawa... "Ooh-rah."

I want an Iriomote Neko!

Employment Have I [Jul. 14th, 2006|04:34 pm]
[Attire |Khaki shorts, Paranoia Agent T]
[Mood |Tired]
[MuzaQ |Gunslinger Girl OST]

So I'm home from my first official day of employment in C-bus. I checked out this place called iForce yesterday. It's a temp agency. Got all my paperwork filled out and though they didn't have any office work, they did have a listing pop up while I was there. It's a place called Accel. Warehouse that puts together and packages random stuff. Today I put together air fresheners until my first break. After which, I downed bottle after bottle of Seagram's Gin... into a box. We basically just transferred their "extra dry" bottles into "Blue Beast" boxes. All in all fairly boring and repetitive work, but at least it ain't foodservice.

The bad part about it was that I had maybe an hour of sleep and woke up too late to have any breakfast. I didn't have any cash on me so I didn't eat at work and still have yet to eat. At least I'm hydrated. They even gave us popsicles on our lunch break. =^-^=

They're supposed to call Monday to let us know if we're working Tuesday. They're not having us come in on Monday because I think they had more people show up than they really needed. However I did seem to make an impression on my supervisor guy. After my performance and the fact that I know how to use a floorjack, those manual forklift things, he acted all impressed and kept telling me random stuff like quotas and when we wanted to go to lunch, like I was the team leader or something. Not too shabby for a first day's work.

I just have to wait for J-e to wake up so I can go take a shower and then a nap. See if he wants to go to CompUSA today as they just started a big sale. We swung through yesterday and I made note of the fact they carried Bawls. Just in case some of my people in Santown wanted any. I figure I can make a killing at the anime showing when I get the chance to go back up home.

It seems as though whatever happens job wise for the moment I'll be working some sort of 1st shift Monday through Friday. So I can't make it up for the meetings. Shogun let me know that Lantz is filling in the VP position for the moment. That's bittersweet for me. I really wanted to do it, but I dont' really have the time or access right now, so him filling in is a sort of weight off my shoulders. Basically what it boils down to is that I'm doing little stuff for Shogun here and there, including some work on the "secret" project... of DOOM!!!111 Get my Yakuza on and some shxt.

It's storming right now, and it fits perfectly with the Gunslinger Girl OST. The strings and choral arrangements all ominousy sounding with the soft sound of rain and occasional thunderous boom of... thunder, and some junk.

J-e said something interesting the other day. He "stole" one of my sayings and the collection of those has been dubbed K3nisms. Singular K3nism. Prounounced Ke-n-i-su-m. (.jp rules of pronounciation, hence 5 syllables instead of 3) Ph34r my l33t language skillz.

That reminds me, I work with a lot of mexicans... a LOT of them. With a sprinkling of chinese and kor from what I could hear of a few conversations and signs hanging about in 4 to 5 different languages. Sadly, however, I did not hear any .jp. I'll tell ya, breaks are rather interesting to listen to.

Well that should fill in things for the time being. I called Okaa-san yesterday and filled her in and found out how she was doing. Evidently, it's very quiet at home.

One final note... I do hope Crazy Dan got the info for the TaQ concert in Okinawa. I talked to him on AIM the other day, but the power went out at the barracks or whatever over there. By the time he got back to me I was in slumber. I REALLY want him to get Bounce and Stromatolite signed for me... and to enjoy the concert, because TaQ is just that badass. Roof to roof, free cable and some shxt. Bombdiggetyshiznizzlesnap!

Ja ne.

T3h P41n [Jul. 7th, 2006|12:46 pm]
[Attire |Khaki shorts, Kenshin T]
[Mood |A little perturbed with myself]
[MuzaQ |TMiL 2]

I think it time for an update.

J-e and I hit up the gym yesterday after playing some tenris. He's gotten better, but still needs a lot of work on angle control. I've gotten a lot of it back too, but I was suprised at how terribly it was, though not playing for, oh ten years will do that I suppose. I know one thing is that I'm roughly three times stronger than I was back in high school. Physically that is. Mentally I really have no idea, though I know I've come a long way. We got a good aerobic workout running around on the court chasing that ball around. All the more since we had to jump the fence, go out into the parking lot and even jump roof to... well there was only one roof, but it was still badass.

Did a quick set of everything in the weightroom and had that good kind of sore going on. Came back to the apartment and watched some Gunslinger Girl. J-e's really gotten into it. I knew he would. As soon as Spikey gets back he can give a run through as well. Without Amanda's kids it's been fairly quiet around here. I like kids and all, but I notice that on the whole, american kids lack severly in discipline. Granted I was a fairly quiet child, but this generation now is just outright rude a lot of the time. Now, I'm sure there are exceptions and I could even site examples. Maybe I just expect too much from them. I imagine a lot of it is that I expect more of an attitude like that of the girls in Section 2. Though without the "conditioning" and readiness to kill. I don't know, I've always been something of an idealist. I've had to balance it with a realist POV a lot because of the world we live in, but I strive nonetheless.

I believe that I may have to go work at Meijers with J-e. I've put in a good many apps, and haven't had any callbacks. I inquired at a couple places and they said that though nothing was available currently, to check back in two weeks. That's all well and good, but I need some funds coming in soon. All my normal bills are caught up at the moment, but that will change in but a month. I'll give it until Monday.

Shogun dropped a fairly large project at my figurative desk a couple days ago. I can't really say a lot about it, but it's seems feasable. There's just so much R&D to do. And when this project gets off the ground I may even be moving back to Santown. We shall see.

My horoscope for today says I have more energy than I know what to do with. I'm not really seeing it as of yet though. I'm quite sore from yesterday and a little groggy as well since I had a dream again last night. It was different from the last one in that there wasn't any gunfire, but it was still classically odd in the style that is so charactoristic of me. I thought it notable that Yuri-chan was in attendance in the dream... though only a shadow of her former self. She was quite thin and held her head low. It was as though she was a prisoner somewhere. It's all a bit fuzzy as oft happnens. I remember pictures, memories of hers and a dark presence reigning her... allowing her to speak to me only to ascertain who I was. It was a rural area, a barn perhaps where I had found all this. Night, but fairly well lit by moonlight. And ever so quiet, except for the few words exchanged. Meh... I wish I could remember more. Ah well.

I have my anime group in Toredo to go to tomorrow. As well as the Santown one tonight. I'm not sure if I can make it, at least at a decent time. I'm not really sure what all is going on tonight. After Toredo tomorrow I think I will swing through and give a hello to Sara-chan. In the months since I've seen her, it seems as though things have gone quite awry for her... to the point that she is where I was 2 or 3 years ago. For those who know my story before now, that is no place to be. So since I'll be near that area I'll have to drop by and cheer her up a bit. I know she'll enjoy that.

Yesterday, while things were winding down for the night, I noticed an odd feeling that I should be back in Santown for some reason. It's so strange. After all this preparation, all the sacrifices to get and stay down here, I have this feeling. It would be one thing if it were homesickness. I have this inner dialogue, "you have so few friends down here, no place to be, too much free time." That's what I wanted though, I wanted time to train, to make money and get some of the things I've been wanting, to take a step away from things. As it seems though, I'm still so involved with home. The Nekoheadz especially. I wanted that though. That is such a huge part of my life. Perhaps it's because I can't be as active as I really want to be. I have so much to do for them, and VP basically just waiting for me to accept it.

I imagine I'll just have to meditate on these things, to find the path which I should take. It's just so damned confusing right now. More of an annoyance I suppose. I do so hate being indecisive anymore.

The Beginning of a New Chapter [Jun. 29th, 2006|03:44 pm]
[Attire |Brack sracks, brue collared]
[Mood |Ready]
[MuzaQ |Gunslinger Girl]

So here I am now in C-bus. It's quite a bit different than Santown. I am enjoying it thus far. The only real worry I have at the moment is getting some money coming in. I've already hit 4 places. So many choices. So far I've kept to computer and book stores. CompUSA, Barnes and Noble, The Apple Store, Borders.

I think I might hit up Starbucks as well. That alone should be pretty much a sure thing. I mean... I can think of 3 locations just in this little area. I thought about a cohii shop when Spikey and I were discussing cohii. He likes it like I do... espresso. Normal cohii is just so watery. I can drink it to wake up, or calm down. It's definatly one a drink I should experience more often. Especially after the news report on how it helps to prevent type II diabetes. I'm all for preventing that. It's only on Okaa-san's side, and it develops late in life, but I'm still doing all I can to not have to deal with it.

There's so much to experience in just this little area. Then I have the rest of C-bus and with Dayton only an hour away now, I should have plenty to do, provided I have money coming in soon.

There's so many slight differences here. There good though. Not like when I go to Indiana to see Otou-san. That place just feels odd. I believe I can only really describe this as the precursor to what I would expect to feel once I get to Nippon. Sure, there's more hustle and bustle, but it feels more relaxed. Almost no one knows me here, but the people are more friendly. It verifies that proportion theory of mine. Bigger city, less BS. The air even smells different here. Though I'm sure there's more pollution because of traffic and whatnot, but it's oddly easier to breath here.

Tomorrow I go back up to Santown to enjoy the movie night down at the Hero Zone and see my friends again. I make it sound like it's been ages. It hasn't even been a week yet, but I don't feel weighed down by living there now. It will always be my home, but I think that right now, it's in that awkward phase of development. There's so much being built back home, but it's not done quite right. The smaller Best Buy, the Olive Garden that lacks the usual ambience. It's as if when a business decides to come to Sandusky they forget about the things that got them that far. That ambience, those little things. There's no heart in them. That's what makes the Hero Zone so great. They have that charm still, and it's only bringing in more opportunities. I'm sure it will do well. It would be something to see one down here. I remember them talking about opening one in Easton. The irony... moreso synchronicity of it would be interesting.

I still have research to do for the audio systems. I'm a little mad at myself for letting the projects for the Nekoheadz fall a bit by the wayside. Though I'm sure they would tell me that I'm busy with the move and not to worry so much about it. It's just that the anime club, the entity which has become, was a godsend for me. Here I had something that I could throw myself into headlong, devote myself to and work until all hours of the night for it. Though it's not the sole purpose of my life... it is a large one. I just enjoy it so very much. I really hope that one day, that can be my job. My main focus of work. The people, the organization, the way we can have so many people so passionate about one thing. So many of us have a wide range of talents, and we have the Shogun to bring us together. I do hope that I can manage to get back up every week so I can do the VP thing.

That seems to be a good place for me. In Nexxus I'm VP, and though things have been going slow on that... I'm sure that once J-e gets another job and finally meets the Nekoheadz crew, things will start moving again. Passion and energy is contagious.

I think it funny how ever since I borrowed Gunslinger Girl from Shogun, it's been playing an awful lot. It's great background for me. The classical music, the random gunbattles... for some reason I can concentrate well with in playing in the background. I'm sure the gunfire would upset a normal person, but it seems to space out at just the right time. It doesn't force me to watch it, but I can stay focused on it when I do actually sit and watch it. I've been trying to get more music from it, but it's rather difficult right now because it's such a new series. I'll have to find a Taiwanese copy until they release it here in the US. Just to tide me over. It's just such tasty music. Moving yet not overpowering. It's such a good balance for me.

The one thing I have noticed about the series is that the subtitles follow the english track almost perfectly, but there is a bit of a discrepency in the .jp audio. It's not a huge deal and because it's set in Italy, I've been letting it play in english. It's like ROD the TV. Since that is based around dealings with the British Library, the english version is almost better, especially with Yomiko's accent, which is a bit heavier in the TV series. She's just ridiculously cute in the OVA in .jp.

*Stretch* I have so much to do, but I feel so relaxed. It's that zen state I've read so much about. The efficient use of energy since I'm not hard pressed or forced into anything. My roommates are great, but they are very old friends. Rent for me is quite cheap, especially when considering I'm in Columbus and that the apartment we have is so nice. I believe things will work out quite well here. I can't wait until I have work and I can resume my training again.

Well... I think I will go explore my new surroundings now. Itekimasu!

Prologue [Jun. 29th, 2006|03:00 pm]
Part 1: The Lillae Fiasco
Part 2: The Rise of K3nn0Q

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